Race Results Comments
  Lewis and Clarke 24 Hour Rogaine 20/45 overall National Championship
  RAD Sprint Race, Harris Lake, August 2003 5/15 male division not much went right
Florida Coast to Coast May 2003 1st 4 person male, 6th team very long tough course
  Triangle Adventure Race, March 2003 3rd male division  
Dad's Ironman NZ race, March 2003   Way to go Dad!!!
Atlanta Hi-Tec Adventure Race, June 2002  4/100 male, 18/330 overall  
Florida Coast to Coast, May 2002   1st 4 person male, 26/68 overall  
Black Mountain Marathon, Febuary 2002   59/94 overall  knee problems
X-treme Gear Race in Oleta, July 2001 19/26 co-ed Kelly and I raced together for the 1st time
Atlanta Hi-Tec Adventure Race, June 2001  7/98 male division, 19/300+ overall  
Florida Coast to Coast, May 2001 25/63 overall 5th fastest boat time for 70 miles of paddling!
  Myakka to the Gulf, February 2001  15/43 overall last official finisher!! :-)  
  Howl at the Moon, October 2000  34/39 overall  happy to have survived!!
Atlanta Hi-Tec Adventure Race,  June 18 2000  8/75 male, 36/268 overall  
Miami Hi-Tec Adventure Race, June 4th 2000 18/40 male, 49/137 overall  
  Miami Hi-Tech Adventure Race, June 6th 1999 2/22 corporate, 35/210 overall  



I found the following two race reports from 1993 on Google's archives of the rec.sport.triathlon USENET group.  It is a bit scary that all of those messages from way back when can still be found!!!